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Reflections on Life: Pocket Philosophy

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PUBLISHER:Patricia Schoeler Books

PUBLICATION DATE: April 18, 2023


ISBN-10: 1960093304

ISBN-13: 978-1960093301



“Reflections On Life” injects strength for the future into the nation’s heart

For students, professionals and people from all walks of life who like to keep a handy inspirational book of poetic philosophy that calms uneasiness or fears arising from life’s

issues, current, past or future, Patricia B. Schoeler’s Reflections On Life is a guide into a reasoned and measured explanation of why things are and how readers can work it out in their minds.

In easy to remember hymnals of gratitude, prayers for strength or grace or mercy, among others, the author always leads her readers on a very even keel with her poetry. Her subjects are not things to be taken lightly: she explores all aspects of life, love, marriage, birth, relationships, be they happy or sad and her poetry and life philosophy help the innocent, the uninformed, the lost, and the grieving, leading them on solid moral ground.

Pat Schoeler has the unique ability of putting her heart at the end of a pen and sharing this with others. In addition, she has come up with this unique poetic vehicle for imparting realistic and practical considerations and a way to understanding them. She has done a successful commute from the corporate world into the world of poetic communication, the basis for much inspiration in the commonweal. Once again, she does her job well in this new collection on a subject or subjects of great, if not urgent, importance to the nation.

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